Roma free mini walking tour from Piazza Navona

If you want spend a lovely hours in the capital, you can follow our suggestions. From roman art to vintage clothes: this free mini walking tour will come as a pleasant surprise! START Piazza Navona is one of the most famouse place in Rome. It has a stadium form, because in the romans time it used to competitions. Many atlets came from different parts of roman reign to compete. But Piazza Navona also is the simbol of Baroque, the fountain of four winds is the masterpiece of Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Saint Agnese in Agone is the Church that appears in Piazza Navona: look its opening time! It’s a desire of Pamhilj family (one the most important family in Rome), They want to built a great Church to express their devotion to Cattolic Church. The sacristy was designed by Bernini. THEN After this short tour, you can go along Via…

Our Jewish Rome Tour: form Marcello Theatre

There is a part of Rome that want tell you a story: the Ghetto of Rome is one of the more ancient in Italy, it was born in 1555 on the Saint Angel Block in Rome, near the beautiful Marcello Theatre. Here starts of our personal Jewish Rome tour. Come whit us! We want to suggest you a different tour of Ghetto. Usually this type of tour start in front of Synagogue of Rome. But we want to change the perspective: from extravaganzas are of roman to the Jewish modern shop. START After a fast coffe break in Antico Caffè, we can see the majest Theatre in front of us. Don’t let the similar design confuse you! Marcello Theatre is smaller than Colosseum, and it has another rule: Julius Caesar used it to put on the famous ludi scaenici. If the door of Marcello Theatre is open we suggest you…