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Roman language: 5 verbal expressions that you need to know

Everybody sooner or later come in Rome for a visit. Rome is one of the most beautiful city in the world, She (Rome is a lady, obviously) has the oldiest monuments in the world, walking in her streets you can breath the first steps of the history… So, Rome is a magic journey. But to live this experience in the best way you need to know some words in roman language. Truth? I don’t know if you are ready to roman people… we’re bizarre people: we’ve a noisy laughter, we talk aloud and we move our hands so much (be careful when you stay near us!). But the most bizarre thing is when we are angry (very very often) we talk only in roman language. Today we want to learn you 5 verbal expressions that Romans use when they’re angry. Thanks to these advices you’ll recognize them, and you’ll learn…