Our Jewish Rome Tour: form Marcello Theatre

There is a part of Rome that want tell you a story: the Ghetto of Rome is one of the more ancient in Italy, it was born in 1555 on the Saint Angel Block in Rome, near the beautiful Marcello Theatre. Here starts of our personal Jewish Rome tour. Come whit us! We want to suggest you a different tour of Ghetto. Usually this type of tour start in front of Synagogue of Rome. But we want to change the perspective: from extravaganzas are of roman to the Jewish modern shop. START After a fast coffe break in Antico Caffè, we can see the majest Theatre in front of us. Don’t let the similar design confuse you! Marcello Theatre is smaller than Colosseum, and it has another rule: Julius Caesar used it to put on the famous ludi scaenici. If the door of Marcello Theatre is open we suggest you…

The real roman carbonara: just five ingredients!

Every day on Web we have to see terrible recipes version of Carbonara. We decide to give you the real and the original recipe. You have to make up simple five ingredients! Start! The recipe of Carbonara dates back to XIX century, someone say that it has umbrian origin. The simplicity of ingredients made this recipe easly spread in all the world. But there are some rules, that you have to respect. At the first long pasta or short? jowl or bacon? Parmesan or Pecorino cheese? Milk cream or not? We try to give you the right answer by true romans. Get start! Ingredients for 4 people: 1- Eggs, 3 Only the yolks! Splash in a recipe with a fork. 2- Pecorino Cheese, 100g Grate and join yolks. 3. Jowl, 100g Pan fry it with…

Healty breakfast in Rome: Avocado bar

The Mediterranean cuisine is world-famous, because it’s composed of simple and genuine ingredients. A brave group of friends has brought in Rome a new experience of breakfast: the union between traditional italian food and international cooking. It’s opening in Rome the first Avocado Bar. Let’s see it! Avocado is a special fruit: it’s high in proteine, vitamin A, B, C, D, E and K, in addition it’high in potassium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, zinc and omega 3. Its antioxidant properties are known, but not only: it has a anticancer and antidepressive properties. So, it’s a great deal of life! It also is the protagonist of the new opening bar in Rome: after Amsterdam, London and New York, the Avocado Bar is opening in Rome this week. One of the guys of this project tell us some information about: «Location was not chosen at random: in Rione Monti, in street Madonna…