Real Roman Lifestyle Guide

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Get your vacation filled with new experiences.


  •   Local cuisine restaurants. Let's explore together the real Roman cuisine in the right locations, for the right price!


  •  Brand new tours great for day trips Enrich your stay by exploring these 2 special tours: The Jewish Tour and Piazza Navona Tour uncover different angles of the city that often get forgotten about. Plus in every new update, we add new tours.


  • Fast smartphone download for offline use Download straight to your smartphone or tablet and view it offline when you travel.


  •   Unique things to do in Rome We both know that you are looking for that perfect place to snap your Instagram or Facebook picture to show family and friends. Let us guide you in the most suggestive spots


  • Concierge By being part of our Rome guide owners you are eligible to receive our concierge service. Simply send un an email from the address you purchased your guide from and the InRhome Team will be happy to answer all your questions regarding Rome.


  •   One time purchase for Free life long updates Always have the latest edition with complimentary updates straight to your email, free forever. Rome is a fast-paced city with the latest places, restaurants, and events constantly updating. We ensure your guide does too.


  •  Save time and energy  Finding information and itineraries online can sometimes be misleading. Feel confident knowing you have access to the correct information, all in your pocket.


  •  Must-see museums and attractions in Rome Did you know that for example there are 3 Leonardo Da Vinci museums in Rome? Which one to choose? We explain our choices and direct you to the best tours and experiences


The only guide that gets updated every 20 days. Created from scratch for you to make the most of your time in Rome after 5 years of testing, collecting and confronting the many places in town recommended for families, short and long stays.