Sunset is the most magical moment of the day especially if you are in Rome, the best city in the world.

We are pleased to guide you through the best 5 places where to watch the sunset in Rome:


N 5 Gianicolo Terrace 

The most classic and together the most unforgettable: the sunset from the terrace of the Gianicolo. In front of you all the city, the domes of the churches, orange and purple monuments, creating an unforgettable painting. From here you can see the whole city, especially in the beautiful days of real when the air becomes clearer.

N 4 Scuderie Del Quirinale

Open to the public when they host some of the most important art exhibitions that arrive in the city, they also offer another unexpected attraction. From here you can enjoy the sunset, with the sun illuminating the expanse of the city’s terraces in sight of you.

N3 La Terrasse Sofitel

One of the most iconic terraces in Rome, located on the 7 th floor of the Hotel Sofitel Villa Borghese offers a 360 view  view of Rome.


N 2 Road to Casina Valadier

If you are walking from the Spanish Steps to the Terrazza del Pincio you cannot stop at the Casina Valadier! One of the best places to get a drink or eat dinner and get a view of the best of Rome especially during the sunset.

N 1 Trastevere

If you are in Trastevere and you are walking around you cannot stop on one of the bridges that connect trastevere to Rome! You will experience the best view on the tevere river and the vatican especially during the sunset.


We hope you can experience them all! Which is your favourite place to watch sunset in Rome ?

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